Friday, November 6, 2009

Lifelong Learners

Some of us are always learning. I don't mean that in a boastful way because usually if you're addicted to learning new things you are also pretty good at forgetting. Sometimes it's fun to read an old mystery, one read so long ago I've forgotten how it was solved. I'll get little inklings as I read along. Sometimes I can remember the solution fairly quickly but I've forgotten the details, other times it's more of a challenge. Accepting responsibility for my own learning is probably the easiest of the 71/2 habits for me. The most difficult is using new technologies to my advantage. I have always veered towards the tried and true rather than the latest thing. On the other hand, man do I love having backspace and delete buttons on the keyboard. I have no wish to go back to the old typewriters. The manuals were so hard to press down on and the electric ones vibrated and made my teeth itch. I do get frustrated and impatient when I can't figure out how something works. Why is it so hard to find the zoom on my camera? How do you disable the flash? Why does the remote have so many buttons?! Right, so to end this exercise Habit 2 is easy, Habit 6 is a challenge.


  1. You put a lot of investment into creating your first blog and I am very proud of you! Great job! (I wish there were stickers I could put on this post like stars or smiley faces :)

  2. I find that tiny stickers on the four important buttons (whiteout is good too) make it possible to keep the buttons straight on the remote...though I must confess the other 66 odd buttons are still a dark mystery I fear delving into.
    also if you let the children do the photography you never have to find those pesky buttons(...necessity is the mother of all cover ups):)