Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pandora- music box

When I first started listening to Pandora, I really loved it. It works kind of like a radio but you plug in the songs/artists that you like and then it chooses similar songs and artists for you. They also have notes about the artists and their discography that you can read while a song is playing. It does have some downsides, especially in the last couple of months. The adds used to be visual, but now they are audio and actually louder than the music. So, there you are by the fire listening to Loreena Mckennit when suddenly there is this announcer discussing indigestion and the wonders of Pepto Bismal. It's pretty jarring. The other downside is that the station wants/demands interaction. So, after awhile the station will stop and a written message will ask if you are still listening. You need to click "yes" and then it will continue. This can be awkward if you're in another room. You are also limited to 30 hours of free music a month. If you pay an annual subscription of $36 you will avoid the audio adverts, "Are you still listening?" messages and the time limits. So, while it is free it is limited.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hats Were a Success!

I just wanted to update about the hats. Both of these hats sold at the St. Nicholas Bazaar in the first two hours. We marked them for $25 each as the money was to benefit local charities. I have also added some more pictures to the slide show in the previous post for those who are interested. I included my first, worst and favorite hats.