Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So Much to Read, So Little Time!

So, I have learned about google reader and rss feeds and went on a wild subscription ride. I am currently subscribed to eight different sites, some helpful, some maybe not. I think that Story Time Window (found on Liz' blog from Hilary's blog... sort of like Amy's Uncle/Brother) will be very helpful, while Awful Library books will be funny but not particularly useful. I subscribed to the dbrl feed because it seemed sensible and then Librarian by day, Library Garden and the Book News/Interviews component of Library Journal. I do love a good book review. Then, having done my homework I branched off to the Ravelry:news subscription (knitting addicts, you know who you are) and New York Times>Science. Yes, I am also a closet science junky. So now I know about books on how TV's worked in the 60's, the latest on e-readers (I still hate them) and that there's cool knitting going on in LA and I'm here. Sigh. I think I'll take a break and eavesdrop on some monkeys.